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Triple Specials       $ 10.95
Served with Roast Pork Fried Rice
  T1  Egg Roll Beef Teriyaki Chicken Finger
  T2 Chicken Finger Chicken Wings Egg Roll
  T3 Chicken Teriyaki Fried Wontons Egg Roll
  T4 Egg Roll Chicken Teriyaki Crabmeat Rangoon
  T5 Fantail Shrimp Beef Teriyaki Chicken Finger
  T6 Boneless Ribs Chicken Finger Crabmeat Rangoon
  T7 Beef Teriyaki Fried Wontons Spring Roll
  T8 Egg Roll Fantail Shrimp Crabmeat Rangoon
  T9 Egg Roll Chicken Wings Boneless Ribs
  T10 Chicken Teriyaki Fantail Shrimp Chicken Finger

*Price & Menu subject to change without notice.

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